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Banknoty wrote on March 16,2018
Good shopping

anglia wrote on February 7,2018
all the best

Heathe wrote on February 3,2018 about this piece
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Chris wrote on September 8,2017
We don't have next year's dates yet, but they will be posted here as soon as we set them!

Susan Wilson wrote on September 8,2017
Hi from Massachusetts!

When is the 2018 happening?



Ginny Cole wrote on August 2,2017
Is there a map of all the stores?

Djay wrote on January 11,2016
My first bead bop and I had a great time! I enjoyed finding the shops I had never been to and will add them to my list for shopping in the future!!!

Chris wrote on July 24,2014
Bead It! does not have bead curtains. Sorry!

Dr M Weiner wrote on July 24,2014 about this piece
Do you have hanging bead strings that one would hang in front of a window ?

Patti Casson wrote on October 1,2012
My first bead bop and I had a great time! I enjoyed finding the shops I had never been to and will add them to my list for shopping in the future!!!

Denise Roberge wrote on September 17,2012
This was our third Bop, and we had a great weekend visiting all six stores. Thanks so much to all you wonderful shop owners for your encouragement, advice and ideas! You rock.

Jessica Dollar wrote on November 13,2011
This was my first time participating in the Bead Bop as I am new to beading I love beading it's one of my passions. I thought the Bead Bop was a lot of fun and a wonderful idea however I found it extreamly fustrating and upsetting that many of the bead stores where not accessable to me as I am confined to a wheelchair. I was only able to go to maybe a handful of stores that was very disapointing.

Chris from Bead It! wrote on October 22,2011
Congratulations, Gayle!

We are so happy you won and had a great time! Have fun with your goodies!


Gayle Troy wrote on October 21,2011
Wow! I was so surprised (and thrilled) to hear that I won the First Prize Basket!

It is AMAZING!!! Thank you to all of the stores who contributed to the huge basket of goodies! I'm still sifting through everything and thinking about projects to do. (It's a challenge, because there are great items in there that I've never used before...hmmm...I see classes in my future!)

This was our fourth Bead Bop (yes, my husband and I have been to ALL of them, and have the pins to prove it!), but it was the first time either of us won anything. Thank you, again and again.

As always, the Beap Bop was well-organized, and it was a genuine pleasure to visit each shop and see the huge variety of items that each one sells. Each of the owners has put their own unique stamp on their business, and you've all made it possible for us to enjoy the variety!

I'm sure we'll be back next year - we're already looking forward to it!

Once more - thank you! From a very grateful Bead-Bopper!


leslie Martin wrote on September 30,2011
This was our first time. Great mother/daughter time. We loved it! We saw beautiful parts of NH and loved each shop! Thanks! Leslie

Chris from Bead It! wrote on September 26,2011
Thanks to all who bopped with us! I hope you all had a wonderful time! We will address all suggestions for next year's Bop, we love your input!

Laura wrote on September 25,2011
This was my 2nd year, and I went to all of them. Suggestion for next year - Open earlier on the weekends. I work full time and it was difficult for us the hit all the stores. We were in most stores for an hour or more and then we had to travel at least 1/2 hour or more to next store. thanks

betsy lynch wrote on September 23,2011
This is my first bead bop and having a wonderful time.

Eunice wrote on September 21,2011
My first yr and I have 3 stores to go 2 today and 1 tomorrow! Wonderful time seeing all the different stores

Michelle Jensen wrote on September 5,2011
Can't wait to come and play!

carrie wrote on October 3,2010
first year for my daughter and self, so much fun we were done by 2 on friday !! the shops were all fabulous, tuff to find deerfield had a fantastic selection, love the sales of course ! would love to see a spring fling and offer up stores that missed the deadline. also would like to see different stamps for each location in all fairness to show the different location stamps defined. suely will attend next occasion, the foilage from concord to keene on 9 was supurb, appreciate the reason to be on the road for two days loved every minute and met some fantastic shopkeepers, thank you !!

Terry wrote on September 29,2010
The weather was PERFECT for traveling to all NH bead shops! I purchased enough to keep me quite busy during the long "NH" winter months. Thank you to ALL the bead shops that participated and for all the help they provided to a newbeeda!

Marsha Neal wrote on September 28,2010 about this piece
Many thanks for such a great time during the NH Bead Bop! It was my first one, and I hope to do it again next year! Your shop is great, and hope to visit again soon! Thanks for all your help too!

Marsha Neal wrote on September 28,2010
Had a really great time for my first Bead Bop! The shop owners and staff are to be congratulated for such a fantastic time, shops and beads!

Bead on! See you in 2011!

Laura wrote on September 28,2010
Just participated in my first Bead Bop, I had so much fun, got lots of supplies and met a lot of people. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Susan wrote on September 16,2010
Just heard about the Bead Bop! Can't wait for the adventure to begin, I'm picking up my registration tomorrow!

Debbie wrote on September 12,2010
I teach Beadweaving in Florida and I'll be visiting NH during this event...I've got to work it in..

Gwen Dupuis wrote on August 23,2010
Very excited about potentially doing the bead bop this year.

Gail McMahon wrote on September 28,2009
I love Bead Bopping!!! What a wonderful way to see different shops. I got wonderful items and ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.

melanie watts wrote on February 3,2009
I had so much fun during the Bead Bop! It was great to see all the different bead stores around NH! Can't wait for this year =)

Robbyn Ives wrote on October 21,2008
What a great idea! I found alot of great beads! I hope more shop owners are able to join the Bead Bop next year!

Gail Tupek wrote on October 10,2008
This was a great idea & lots of fun. Next year however I hope more bead shops sign up and that all stores offer extended hours to give all a chance to visit all stores!

Linda Kleinschmidt wrote on October 10,2008
Well, me who never wins anything won third prize! I also had a great time, and am amazed that each shop is so unique and has their own specialty. I will definitely do it again next year. Thanks again for initiating such a great idea.


Gail McMahon wrote on October 9,2008 about this piece
What a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to next year.

Carol Donahue wrote on October 9,2008 about this piece
What a GREAT time we had! Can't wait to do it again!


Joanie Swartz wrote on October 8,2008
I left my husband at home and spent Friday evening and all day Saturday bead bopping all over the state. Thanks to all the bead shop owners for an awsome day. I've found great treasures in each store.

Can't wait to bop again next year.

Pat Fee wrote on October 7,2008
We had a wonderful day the weather was great nice day. The shops were wonderful all very unique. The only commentis that I think the shops should stay open till 6:00 PM instead of 5:00. The extra hour would have really helped. I thought the stores were great.

Danielle Elder wrote on October 7,2008
This event was so much fun. I am new to the beading community and it was nice to see all the different bead stores in the area and get a feel for different styles. It was an excellent way to bring women together as well. I will definitly be participating next year!